Building a Website

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Although with the software available today it is possible to create a website on your own, unless you have already had some experience in doing so, it is perhaps better if you hire a professional website designer to assist you at least. If you are a business, you must consider that your website, its home page at least, is the window of your business. Just as a window of a shop attracts visitors to come into the shop, so does the websites home page attract visitors to stay and see what you have to offer inside.

Professional website designers know what attracts or at least holds a visitor attention on the internet and that is what you will want if you want your website to be effective. Of course though, before anyone can get to see your websites home page, they need to have been drawn there as opposed to the millions of other websites that are on the internet today. To achieve this you will probably need some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your website designer should be able to also assist you with that. Once a good website has been created and SEO has been used to attract visitors to the website; that is not where the responsibility ends, not if it is to remain effective. A large amount of business conducted online, is conducted by people that are repeat visitors to the same websites but they will not remain repeat visitors if the content on the site remains the same and is never changed as they will become bored with and find a different website to conduct business on.

You must therefore change the content on your website or at the very least update it regularly. Some websites though, like the Updunk website, update themselves. They are able to achieve this because the content on their site is content that has been uploaded by the visitors themselves and so is constantly changing. In this case all the website owner need do is monitor that content to ensure that it is both appropriate and of high enough quality to remain on the site. Regardless though, of whether or not a website updates itself or the owner of the site has to update it, a good site map for a website is essential. The home page of the website is the page that search engines will direct visitors to and so that is where your site map has to be.

The site map will give a brief description of what visitors can expect to see on the other pages of the site and will allow them, with just one click, to visit the page that interests them. If a visitor has to keep looking at different pages to find what they are looking for, they may well give up before finding it and so therefore go to a site which is easier to navigate to what they are interested in and that other website they visit; will probably be one of your competitors.

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